A vision realised

The Bourke Place ground floor architecture is a collaboration between AMP Capital and Danish architectural firm 3XN. The firm’s work is grounded in ongoing research into how buildings reflect and influence human behaviour and the environment. Every detail has been considered to deliver greater convenience, flexibility, and amenity, as well as a real sense of community.

Ground level lobby

The elegantly designed lobby says you have arrived at an address
of significance where grand high ceilings are the backdrop for open lounge
areas plus tech-enabled work spaces for ultimate connection. Bourke Place’s
new-look is the design of Danish architects 3XN. Minimalist elegance
sets your arrival at a superior level.
More amenable space has been created to encourage interaction
and ease of movement, with modifications to the western terrace,
and the conversion of the southern terrace.
Existing retail and food offerings has been transformed into a serviced eatery
and a grab-and-go cafe to complement touch-down seating and informal meeting areas.
Lush greenery separates different zones, enhancing the space with a layered, natural ambience.

new customer service desk

Our customer service team is available during business hours at the Bourke Street Entrance.


Access to the End-of-Trip and Car Park lifts will be via a newly created walkway.